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April –

High Country wine & cheese festival

9-10th April 2016

Thredbo, New South Wales, Australia

Always wanted to get the the famous cheese rolling event in the UK but just cant manage it?
Now’s your chance . . .

Thredbo an internationally acclaimed ski field, has open its doors when the snow has long gone for us to enjoy this wonderful new event. Which now hosts a ‘cheese rolling’ event.
If your better on your feet than skis maybe this is your time to shine.

thredbo event

July –

International cheese awards

28-30th July 2014

Nantwich, Cheshire, UK.

This is the cheese show of the year, not to be missed.

Established since 1897, and the shows keeps getting better with the area now covering a colossal 80,500 sq ft to enable it to hold the world record entries of 4,286 in 2013, from some 26 Countries, and the record trade exhibits.

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Judging and trade day on the 29th July
Show day open for the general public on the 30th July

There’s also an opportunity to shadow the judges and record all their information for the taste testings. Oh if only Australia wasn’t so far away, I’d be there myself with bells on!

With Celebrity Chefs and amazing array of cheeses from the Alpine Gruyere to the oldest English Cheddar, Barbers Cheddar.

With the general admission at only £14.00, get on down there.


Gloucester cheese rolling festival

Today was the festival of cheese rolling in Gloucestershire, England.

A quirky festival where people run down a hill as fast as possible chasing a 3kg wheel of cheese.

The steep track
The steep track

I 2015 this year a local 19yr old won the men’s main race and he’s not even a cheese lover!
An Australian from Melbourne also took out one of the races and a hat trick was gained in the woman’s race making it her third winning year in a row!

This festival was cancelled by the police in 2010 due to public liability issues and the high number of accidents due to 17,000 people turning up.

However the locals have continued to host this festival, said to celebrate the arrival of spring, under a watchful eye of the authorities.

Chase that cheese!
Chase that cheese!

June –

Cheese & chilli festival

Cheese & chilli festival, 21-22nd June 2014

Bournemouth, England.

Open from 10am til 5ish both days

A plethora of quality regional & international goods

They’ll be cheeses, chilli-based food and products from all over the world, you will be spoilt for choice.

It’s essentially 2 festivals, a chilli Festival running alongside a Cheese Festival. Christchurch is an ideal holiday town, so an obvious location to reflect the foreign foods of the area.

Ringwood Brewery will also be selling Real Ales during the weekend. An excellent selection od ales will be available such as Ringwood Best, Forty Niner & Old Thumper.

Ringwood brewery logo

It wouldn’t be a British food fair without the obligatory punch & judy show and many other activities for the young ones. As well as watching adults turning red and dancing around after eating stupidly hot chillies!

Sounds like fun in its self!

June –

Great Canadian cheese festival

Great Canadian cheese festival. 7-8th June 2014

Picton, Ontario.

cheese of the year 3000 mar 12

Meet some of Canada’s amazing cheesemakers
There’s more than 125 cheeses locally made
Taste and buy from a huge selection of foods, fine wine, craft beer and more.

For the single ticket price you get..

Access to all sponsors, exhibitors and vendors with more than 250 products to sample

10 tasting tickets for cheese, artisan foods, wine and beer, valued at $10

Glass for sampling wine and beer.

…and even more!

Get on down to Ontario in June, you’ll be sorry you missed it as its likely to be one of the biggest cheese festivals around this time of year!


South of England food & drink festival

FOOD ROCKS SOUTH – 25th May 2014

So much more than a food & wine festival, this is a village fair on a giant scale.
Think organic, homegrown, pesticide & chemical free before it became hipster cool.

Meet the makers

Meet the farmer who makes the salami, the dairy farmer who makes the cheese, the wine grower who makes the wine (or more than likely the Cider from this part of the world.) And so much more.

This is a festival that’ll have your foodie heart sing with joy and your body will thank you for it with nothing artificial in sight!

May –

Spanish cheese Festival

5 days in May 2014

Don’t know much about Spanish cheese?
Get on down to Trujillo, Caceres in Spain for their 5 day cheese festival starting early May!

Caceres cheese

Celebrating all things cheesey such as the famous Manchego from the La Mancha region, and local favourites Ibores, & Torta del Casar cheese.

This area is also home to the Iberico ham where the pigs eat wild acorns in the forest. These people know and love their food, not to be missed!

May –

Minnesota Cheese Festival, USA


18th May 2014

They hold 2 sessions throughout the day where you can sample cheesey wares from all over the country from Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa & Wisconsin.

Satori Cheese

The Internationally award winning Satori Cheese who create the Bella Vitano range including the Balsamic, Merlot, Espresso and Raspberry which I can honestly say I’ve tried and enjoyed on several occasions.

There’s gonna be cheese tastings, pairing classes and cooking with cheese info, get on down there!

Australian Cheesemakers fair

A visit to the Australian cheese makers fair turns up some delicious treats and passionate cheese makers.

Australian cheese fair
Australian cheese fair

1792 from Bruny Island, Tasmania.

Starting from top left we have a cow’s milk washed rind from Bruny Island in Tasmania, 1792. Reminiscent of a punguent French washed rind such as Munster, with more of a fudgey texture and it packs a punch.
Oh and don’t leave it in your hotel room fridge overnight if you can’t eat it all in one go, as the room next door may not appreciate the aroma! Oops!

Venus Blue from Prom Country Cheese, Victoria.

Next on the right is a Sheep’s milk cheese from Prom Country Cheese. A lovely spicy blue cheese very much in the same vein as a Roquefort. A Sheep’s milk blue with a sharp bite and moist creamy texture, a delight that dances on the tongue.

Farmhouse Raclette from Maffra cheese, Victoria.

Following on from that we have the Maffra Farmhouse Raclette, Maffra well known for their award winning Cheddars have ventured wide. And this Raclette brings back memories of wintery Swiss alps and melting cheese by the fireplace. This Raclette melts just as it should and with a savoury bite suitable to melting and eating over pickles in front of the fireplace!

Le Rouge from L’Artisan, Timboon, Victoria.

On the bottom left hand corner we have another Cow’s milk washed rind cheese, Le Rouge from L’Artisan.
From a French Cheesemaker who makes cheeses from his childhood. We are very lucky to have us a great talent now living in country Victoria down along the Great Ocean Road. This cheese is based on a Livarot cheese, with a wonderfully velvety texture that slides over the tongue and a slight refreshing acidity when young and a more rounded, with a slight smokeyness & stronger flavour as it ages.

Brigid’s Well from Holy Goat, Sutton Grange, Victoria

Finally we give you Holy Goat, Brigid’s Well. Holy Goat well known for producing amazing Goats cheeses, they have a certified Organic goat herd and started up a National Association for sustanable agriculture. The cheese melts in your mouth with a classic Goats cheese acidity but not overpowering and dusted with ash intensifying the flavour and aesthetically pleasing on the eye with the contrasting of the beautifully white cheese and the black ash.