Pron. whoa-har-car

History of Oaxaca

This pulled curd cheese also known as ‘Quesillo de hebra’ was first introduced by the Italians who settled in the area in the 1500s. This cheese, a derivative of Mozzarella from the southern part of Mexico

Making of… & Tasting Notes

Traditionally made using semi skimmed milk but these days made with full fat cows and goats milk it is a softer style cheese eaten fresh. Prepared much the same way as you would with Mozzarella the cheeses close textured interior lends well to being plaited and can weigh from mini 100g cheeses up to 3kg.

It can be salted directly or stored in a brine solution and stored for up to 7 days.

The cheese has a slightly lactic sometime sour aftertaste with a creamy texture, with the aroma of fresh milk