Pron. Bur-re-knee

History of Burrini

A small pear shaped cheese made with cows milk from Southern Italy, traditionally this was a way of preserving butter as the cheese encases a small amount of butter inside. Dating way back to before refrigeration this was prepared in every farmhouse across the South of Italy.
Sometimes referred to as ‘Mule’s testicles!’ due to the way they hang the cheese in pairs. Not really conjuring up images of delicious things!
For export the cheese it is dipped in a wax.

Making of …

This cheese has an inner layer of butter and the cheese is drawn up around the butter encasing it and tied at the top, much in the same way as with Burrata.
These little cheeses are generally tied together on string in pairs and stored in this manor for up to 6-8 days. They can be aged up to 6 weeks in some cases.

Tasting Notes

Burrini have a mild buttery taste as you’d expect.
Sometimes referred to as a Provolone cheese and can be aged for up to 6 weeks where the flavour becomes more pungent.
Also known as ‘Manteca’ in Puglia, and ‘Butirro’ in Calabria.

With thanks from the Tuscan traveler for this wonderful picture…