Chevre d’Aquitaine

History of Chevre d’Aquitaine

Made in the heart of the Basque Country, hence the name Goats cheese of Aquitaine. Aquitaine is in the very South East of France sharing the border with Spain, but this goat cheese is different from those found in either France or Spain.
The goats have a perfect opportunity to graze on the lush green mountainous pastures which helps to produce the creamy unique milk for this cheese.
It is then that the cheese is made in small batches during spring/autumn (February to November).


The cheese is matured by the legendary Herve Mons in his specifically designed cheese ripening tunnel. Here it is matured for up to six months, and during this time it is loving turned and brushed in order to develop a protective natural rind and gain maximum flavour and goodness from the cheese.

chevre d aquataine

Tasting notes

The white interior of the cheese has a luxurious smooth and fudgey texture with a fresh aroma, the cheese notes bring forth subtle caramel notes with a gentle goats cheese acidity.
exhibits a smooth and supple texture and has a mild, pleasant aroma. With further maturation, the interior develops more caramel notes with a hint of herbs.

With thanks for the picture courtesy of The Smelly cheese club, who import, mature many of my favourite cheese.
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