Drunken cheese

Ossola al Prunent

History of Ossala al Prunent

An artisan cooked pressed cows milk cheese from the valleys of Ossola in Piedmont, Northern Italy.

Cheese maker Guffanti has restored a sixteenth century cellar situated next to the local dairy in the small mountain village of Oira, for the ripening of his cheese.
The cheese weighs in at 5-7kg and is immersed briefly in the marc of Prunent, a nebbiolo style of wine which is common to this area. The wine gives a wonderfully dark red to the exterior of this cheese but also imparts quite a robust flavour.


Although the cheese and wine have a long history in the area only recently have the two become intertwined to bring us this Ubriaco (drunken cheese)
As the cheese ages the rind leaves a noticeable wine aftertaste.
The cheese is aged for 60 – 90 days within the cheese cellar over the autumn and winter months.

ossolano-al-prunent 2

Tasting notes

With a compact, intense yellow paste, and a dark purple rind which tends to become paler as it ripens
This cheese has an intense spiciness of red wine with traces of fruit.

Thanks go to La Basilica di San Formaggio for their beautiful picture of this cheese. Check out their website here . . http://www.labasilicadisanformaggio.it/web/home/186-ossolano-al-prunent.html