Drunken cheese

Ubriaco Amarone

Pron. Oo-bree-ark-oh Ama-rohn-nee

History of Ubriaco Amarone

This Italian cow’s milk cheese from the Veneto region, also know as a ‘drunken cheese’ came about when families used to hide their cheeses in wine barrels from invaders, notably during WW1. The peasants were sick of handing over their cheeses to the local troops!

Ubriaco all’Amarone is a pasteurized cow’s milk cheese from the Veneto region in Italy by Moro Latteria di Moro Sergio.


The aging of this cheese is similar to other drunken cheeses. The cheese is aged for 6 – 7 months and then soaked in a local red wine, Amarone for a further 3 months which stains the rind red and seeps through the cheese seeping in and resulting in purle veining and depth of flavour. The cheese is dried for 7 to 8 months. This whole process can take up to 14 months or more, this results in a smooth rich taste.

Tasting notes

It is strong and bitey with pronounced wine and grape flavours. The texture is firm and smooth like an aged Parmesan as the soaking helps to keep the cheese moist. With a straight up red wine flavour on the palate but with a lingering punch that stays with you.