Lancaster Bomb

History of Lancaster bomber

The Shorrock family have been making Lancashire Cheese for generations, even winning a cheese award before the second world war broke out in 1933.
To this day this family are still winning awards as recently as 2066 when they took all the prizes at the Royal Lancashire Agricultural Show, which was named ‘The Battle of the Lancashires’.
Only Lancashire cheeses were allowed to enter this competition.

Originally a gift given to a friend emigrating to America over 25 years ago, this cheese has been a wonder all the world over since.
lancaster bomber

Maturing & Tasting notes

The Lancashire Bombs are matured over two years creating a very creamy and full flavoured taste and texture, in which the cheese is aged within the black wax containing moisture and therefore resulting in a soft creamy textured cheese with an acidity tang on the back of the palate reminiscent of another well loved northern English cheese; Wensleydale.