Cornish Yarg

History of Cornish yarg

A cheese said to of been produced many years ago and revived by a Cornish dairy farmer by the name of Gray.
The Horrells who discovered this recipe decided a new Cornish sounding name was required and decided on Yarg – a reversal of the letters of the name of the former owner, Gray.
Produced from pasturised Cow’s milk with a vegetarian rennet, Yarg follows the basic recipe for Wensleydale, with its own local characteristics. Its smaller than a Wensleydale weighing in at 900 grams.


The cheese is wrapped in local nettle leaves which have been hand picked after the cheese has come out of the press, it is then coated with a fine mist of white mould to give the cheese its beautiful exterior.

cornish yarg

Tasting notes

The leaves and the white mould add an interesting dimension to the cheese.
Yarg is defined as a semi-hard cheese with a young lemony tangy very similar to a Wensleydale, with a deliciously creaminess under the rind and a crumbly interior.

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