Roy de Vallees

Pron. Woy de Vall-ey

History of Roy de Vallees

Roy of the Valley, Roy being an old French name dating back to Norman times, and the valley refers to the Basque region where this cheese hails near the Spanish border in the French Alps.
Made with a combination of Sheep’s and Goat’s milk this cheese has been in production for 4000 yrs and not much has changed, the breed of sheep and goats remain as does the special blend of milks used.


The animals are free to roam year round and graze on many herbs, wildflowers and naive grasses of the region, this produces milks with full flavour and therefore cheese with many complex flavour profiles.
The cheese is hand salted and left to age in warm humid cellars underground where they are rubbed and turned regularly allowing the moulds to spread more evenly over the natural exterior rind.


Tasting notes

As with many mixed milk cheeses it requires an amazing amount of skill as the nature of the milks are forever changing due to the seasons and food available as well as many other variants beyond the cheese makers control.
The blend can make or break the flavour profile. But this one is a beauty and consistently a beautiful cheese. The nuttiness and the oils comes from the sheep’s milk with the goat’s milk providing the sweetness and acidity. Apart from that this is a cheese that just has the fudgey texture that coats the inside of the mouth as the tongue pushes it to the roof of your mouth and the flavours leave you wanting more.
Pair with a delectable Pinot Noir or Crisp fruity white wine and your in for a treat.

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