Midnight Moon

Produced in Netherlands for Cypress Grove dairy, this Goats cheese has a deliciously sweet pate.cypress1

An ivory white colour with less of the acidic characteristic familiar with Goats cheeses. In this creation it has a gentle sweetness that comes through with age.
This cheese has been purposely designed for an American market. It’s produced in Holland and matured in USA.

History of Midnight Moon

This cheese came about in the 1970s when mother of 4 with a background in biology was searching for a cheese that her lactose daughter could eat. During this time lactose was an uncommon allergy and the knowledge around cheese and lactose was unheard of outside of Europe. Goats cheese is the best cheese to have as the lactose is processed differently in goats due to their biological make up, goats do not transferred the lactose into the milk and therefore the cheese.
During this period goats cheese was virtually unheard of in America.

With a blue wax coating and an art deco style lady on the front this cheese is a delight not only visually but to the tastebuds when you open the cheese.


Tasting notes

It has a fudgey texture that melts and coats the inside of your mouth leaving that caramel sweetness on the palate. Made with a vegetarian rennet this cheese has a vast appeal.

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