Maleny dairy & cheese

These two Maleny businesses are separate entities but we’ll take about them together as they produce some lovely Queensland dairy products between them.

Maleny dairy


From the Sunshine Coast, this business produces mainly milks and cream, these are as nature almost intended, being in Australia it must be pasteurised but still these milks have that delicious creaminess that I remember all milk having growing up.
You can take a walk of the dairy too and see the production with your own eyes daily.

They have the lovely dairy cows grazing on the surrounding hills and I was amused as all their dairy trucks are named… Cow-a-bunga, Deja Moo, Legen Dairy!

Maybe they work too much!

Maleny cheese

Maleny cheese logo

Maleny cheese, cheese room

Here you can see the cheese makers in action as they pasteurise, cut the curds and mould the cheeses before going into their inoculation or maturing rooms.

The shop above the cheese making room is filled with their own delicacies such as Feta style cheese, white moulds, blues and white mould cheeses, they also have a small selection of imported and national cheeses too for you to enjoy there or to take away.

Maleny cheese cheese room 1

We even bought a bar of their own Maleny better, beautifully rich and creamy just as butter should be!


Camel milk

Whilst in the Middle East camel milk and its cheese has been around for centuries, here in Australia we’re still trying to work out the final touches! Camels aren’t known for their compromising qualities.
But keep your eyes open . . .