Brie de Meaux

Fromage de Meaux

Pron. Bree de Mow

King Louis XVI last wish before being beheaded during the French revolution, he asked for one ‘last taste of Brie de Meaux’.

History of Brie de Meaux

With a long history, being produced since the Gauls in the 8th Century
Also known as the ‘King of all cheeses’ from the area just outside of Paris known as Il de France where all Bries are from, and Meaux is the region from where this cheese was first made. AOC protected since 1980 and more than 7,000 tonnes produced annually and shipped around the globe this cheese is one of the most recognisable.
Also the precursor for Camembert cheese. Made in wheels weighing in at 2.8 kg with raw cows milk, the Fromage de Meaux made with pasturied milk for us unable to import the traditional raw milk variety.


fromage de meaux

The Rouzaire dairy create the most amazing Bries and Brie de Meaux is one of their best, matured for 2 months, until the centre contains no chalkiness and the pate is a soft buttery texture. The rind giving way to the slightest pressure to expose the deliciousness beneath.

Tasting notes

This King of Bries has all the classic hallmarks you want from a Brie, the unctious softness that coats the palate, with notes of garlic and mushroom, forest floor. Then the tang on the back of the palate that makes you know its a great quality cheese.
Brie is one of those cheeses that pairs well with so many things. A sparkling wine, crisp white or Cider to cut through the fattiness, a robust red wine to marry with the ripe pungency of the rind or a beer to bring forth the yeasty flavours.

Brie de meaux wedge

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