Pron. Rep-en-yeh

If you’ve ever had the family of Reypenear cheeses you’ll never forget.
And if you haven’t? You need to walk over broken glass to find yourself some!

History of Reypenear

The beautiful Cow’s milk Dutch Gouda with a history of cheese making dating back over 100 years with the use of their specially designed cheese warehouse, on the banks of the Oude Rijn river in Woerden (in the green, lush heart of Holland).


This cheese has the most distinctive ripening process with the use of the custom built cheese warehouse which opens every single day of the year no matter what the weather. Not only externally but within floors allowing the movement of air to fully circulate inside the building and around the wheels of cheese.

Slats between floors

Reypenear warehouse

This allows for a microclimate within the warehouse, meaning every batch of cheese can vary due to the weather conditions outside. They do allow for heating within the building during the winter months.

Reypenear VSOP

This is a 2 year aged cheese. Reypenaer V.S.O.P. is matured for two years during this time it looses 25% of its original weight. It develops protein crystallisations which is essentially milk proteins breaking down throughout the pate.
The flavour is intense with a noticable sweetness yet creamy with caramel over tones.

reypenear 2

Reypenear XO

Reypenear XO is the 3 year old variety, and it packs a punch.
The flavours become intesified with the beautiful crystalisation still remaining and the sweetness takes it to another level with pronounced butterscotch and intense caramel notes.
This cheese really is a cheese to savour, and matches wonderfully with a fortified wine.

This guillotine is recommended by the cheese makers as the best way to serve and eat their cheese.

reypear all of them

Right to left: Reypenear XO, Reypenear VSOP

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