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Hi there cheese peeps…

I’ve always had food in me, so to speak.1375789491707

The beginnings

From my first weekend job at the vegie shop, stacking shelves, chopping massive cabbages & trying not to be run over by the forklifts. Selling all sorts of weird fruit & vegetables I’d never heard of, coming from London as a teenager to the ‘Fruit bowl’ of New Zealand.
I’d never even seen fruit growing on trees (crab apples don’t count) let alone vineyards heavy with bunches of grapes.
Went on to picking fruit such as raspberries, apples & peaches (not ideal when you suffer from hayfever!)

Then working at a dehydrating plant, packaging dehydrated peas & corn for your instant noodles, freeze dried berries for your cereals (loved that area it smelt so good) somehow I became aware of all the wonderful things that grow in nature and the varied things you could do with them and how the process changed them.

Tired Chef

I began work as a Chef, slowly working my way through the mountain of dishes to chopping tiny cuts of vegetables which were then used in the stocks (it’s a hard life being an apprentice).
Then moving to Australia and working under and for so many wonderful Chefs, before I knew it I’d worked for 18 years as a Chef, achieved all I wanted to and was tired, I needed a break.
Most importantly I wanted to get out with all my limbs still attached!


I am indeed a passionate Cheesemonger, having worked in some amazing cheese venues and sampled some fantastic cheeses and sold quite a few too, imparting hopefully not only my knowledge but passion to my customers too.
I shall be talking about my favourite cheeses and all things food related that inspire me. From the tinniest cheese mite to the 40kg wheels of Parmesan.
I shall continue to learn and grow. Only a fool says they know it all.

Cheesey visits

Please join me on my travels as I sniff out new things cheese related and places I come across and discover on my merry way.

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I can smell the pleasant aroma of a washed rind . . . or it is stinky feet!

Enjoy reading…

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Cheesey me

  1. Hi everyone,

    Just want to say a thank you for all your kind words. It really does inspire me to keep on writing about the cheesey things I love and sharing my knowledge and passion with you all!
    Mind you its such a huge and fascinating world I barely even scratch the surface on all there is to know.
    For those of you inspired to start your own blog I can recommend Web Hosting Hub they have a wonderful service and help me produce this wonderful site for me.


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